The Skinny: Icelandic death metal cult ZHRINE are streaming another deadly new track off their forthcoming album, Unortheta. The track, titled “Utopian Warfare”, is streaming now via YouTube.

Regarding the new track, ZHRINE comments: “Seductive strings lull the listener into a psychedelic mire of notes both lavish, lush, and alien, before the blitzkrieg of ‘Utopian Warfare’ erupts like a maelstrom of crushing death painted in layers of black, blue and blood- thus setting the tone for the aural beat-down to come.”

Unortheta is ZHRINE’s debut recording, and will be released worldwide on April 8. The album art, by Zbigniew M. Bielak (Watain, Behemoth, Gorguts, Ghost), and an official track list can be found below.

Unortheta Track Listing:

01. Utopian Warfare
02. Spewing Gloom
03. The Syringe Dance
04. World
05. Empire
06. The Earth Inhaled
07. Unortheta


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