New York City-based hard rock act Tournament just released the song “Sean’s Place” from their long-awaited full-length album Teenage Creature, set for release March 25. This is their first album with their new label, since signing with The End Records last September.

From the opening lick of the album’s title track, Tournament set the tone early via rumbling bass, Hellacopters-worthy guitar riffing, gritty vocals and a melodic sensibility that keeps these songs as infectious as they are incendiary. There’s also plenty of diversity inherent on Teenage Creature from the psychedelic instrumental track “Biff’s Future” to the relentless raw power of “Scattered.”

“We draw from many different influences and time periods but the moment a riff is introduced we know if it will work for Tournament or not,” Kraft explains. While the band cites acts like Thin Lizzy and Hot Snakes as influences, they’ve always found it important to develop their own sound even when it’s to their own detriment. “We’ve always felt like outsiders and I think that’s part of our collective mantra,” he continues, adding that the group feels a kinship with other acts who don’t quite fit in.

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