Filmed back in the Summer of 2015 when L.A. punk rockers The Dollyrots rocked out at the Roxy on the Los Angeles date of their tour with pop-punk buffoons Bowling For Soup, Family Vacation is a live CD/DVD recording of their short thirty minute set and, as vocalist Kelly jokes during said performance, it pretty much captures what a Dollyrots show is like… minus the human smells.

Cramming a twelve-year career into thirty minutes is a mighty task for any band but the Dollyrots do it and manage to touch on all of it by realizing that it’s more fun to keep the jokes to a minimum by filling that time with enough three-minute blasts of bubblegum punk to certainly offer the Roxy’s packed room with value for their money as an opening act. Comprised of Kelly Ogden on vocals/bass and Luis Cabezas on guitar and vocals, the pair, along with their baby River, are a tight-knit unit both on and offstage with plenty of smiles between the pair, and their current drummer, as they bash out their infectious punky tunes.

As live albums go, there isn’t a lot to dislike about Family Vacation. The live DVD portion of the set shows off the visual side of the band well enough and their thirty minutes of infectious songs like “My Best Friend’s Hot” and “Get Weird” are spunky enough to warm up any audience. So, as you can imagine, the Roxy couldn’t have offered a better setting for the band to capture their latest family vacation in all its sweaty glory.

Track Listing:

01. My Best Friend’s Hot
02. Kick Me to the Curb
03. Brand New Key
04. Get Weird
05. Satellite
06. Bury Me in Ireland
07. Come and Get It
08. Jackie Chan
09. Twist Me to the Left
10. Starting Over Again
11. Because I’m Awesome

Run Time: 31:28
Release Date: March 11, 2016

Check out the album trailer here.


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