The Skinny: We love all types of heavy music, industrial stuff most definitely included. So, when Sydney, Australia quintet, New Project, were in need of a home to debut a remix of their song “Ora Pro Nobis”, we were all over it! Not ones to shy away from “moving their music to the next level”, the band eventually signed to a UK label and now, depending on the member, are located in London, Sydney and Los Angeles.

This all said, what happens when you mix Static-X, Ministry, Skinny Puppy and Fear Factory-influenced industrial metal with metal EDM mastermind Zardonic? Well, you get one hell of a banger of a tune (which you can also buy via iTunes here)!

Said New Project about the song: “Metal EDM heavyweight Zardonic and industrial metal workers New Project join forces for a pounding remix of ‘Ora Pro Nobis’ that packs the equivalent of 12 red bulls or 1 Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to the face. Imagine what John Connor is thinking as he bunkers in and awaits the fallout. This is ‘Ora Pro Nobis’ (Latin for Pray For Us).”


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