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Mutilation Wave – “Mutilation Wave” [Album Review]

Ever wondered what Washed Out would be if it grew up on Dystopia records? It would be Mutilation Wave. Say hello to one of the most inventive records the reviewer has gotten to listen to in years.



Though it’s clear that this record is branching out from the typical trappings of doom and heavy music at large, it still retains the same focus on mood and ambiance that other ‘wave’ movements have in the past, most notably chillwave. From its sound though, it’s safe to say that what we have here is decidedly uglier and frankly psychotic, focused on negative themes and brooding, murderous moods. This leads to my assertion that this is a new step in heavy music altogether, something I think is safe to anoint as “killwave.”

Ambient, brooding, and psychotic in its delivery and intent, this is music that you play for the disaffected and misanthropic set. It’s less baby-making, more baby-killing; it’s party music for people who don’t accept that you should be happy. It’s Human=Garbage with less focus on sludge and more focus on delivering the gift of uncomfortable vibes. A cavernous, subterranean album that still manages to pay homage to the night sky, and with plenty of fire to burn it all brightly. It would be sweet if it wasn’t so fucking vile.

This album stands as a perfect antithesis to the noise movement of recent years; everyone is out trying to be harsh with sounds and tone and I’m just sitting here fascinated by this record’s ability to deliver me into an atmosphere of doom that no doom record has ever given me before. If you’ve ever wanted to feel waves of nausea and foreboding hit you like a train, then you need to jump into this album pronto.

Track Listing:

01. I Was The Tree
02. Aeon Of Horus
03. Emptiness Is Next To Godliness
04. Horrible Things
05. It’s A Wonderful Life (Pazuzu’s Petals)
06. The Mouth Of God

Run Time: 43:32
Release Date: March 18, 2016

Check out the album ‘Mutilation Wave’ here.

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