A long time in the making, due to lineup changes, health issues and van breakdowns, this hard-rocking New York band’s third EP is finally set to see the light of day on March 25. One imagines it can’t come soon enough for Blackey (vocals), Mickey Squeeze (guitar), Carly Quinn (bass) and drummer Chris Beatz.

The group was initially formed back in 2009 and their website describes them as: “Rock ‘n’ Roll, Punk, Metal & Soul.” On listening to this six-track EP – their first release since 2014’s full-length offering These Days – I would say that’s a fairly accurate description.

Powerhouse anthem “Swing On,” the riff-roaring opening number, soars vocally and the catchy chorus and solid guitar work take it beyond much of the music of its type. Midnight Mob successfully combine the sounds of the past with those of the present and that is evident on the rather manic third track, “Ghosts.”

For me, “Ghosts” fails to hit the heights of “Swing On” (Track Two, “Run for Your Life,” almost manages it), but maybe that’s because I prefer more of a classic rock vibe… “Black Mamba” is also a bit lacklustre and I found “Song for the Damned” ‘poppier’ than the title suggests.

“Swing On” is such a brilliant tune that I found it somewhat disappointing – and quite frustrating – that the rest of the EP simply isn’t of a similar standard. Sorry to bang on about it, but this really is a missed opportunity, as instead of a great product, what we’re left with is one that’s slightly above average.

Track Listing:

01. Swing On
02. Ghosts
03. Song for the Damned
04. Run for Your Life
05. Black Mamba
06. Stay

Run Time: 27:14
Release Date: March 25, 2016

Check out the song “Swing On” here.