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Located in Genoa, Italy, the 3-piece metal band, Killers Lodge, play things raw, fast and dirty. Taking their 2014 debut album, Unnecessary I, and expanding on it in any way possible, the group released their sophomore offering on February 27, 2016. Titled Alma Cachonda, which translates to “Horny Soul”, Killers Lodge’s second album is loaded with awesome – check out our free download of the song “Growling the Night Away” for proof!

Recorded in their hometown studio during January 2016, the musicians – John KillerBob (bass, vox), Olly Razorback (guitar), and Christo Machete (drums) – had a blast putting everything together and, in doing so, have upped their game. Alma Cachonda was recorded, mixed and mastered by John KillerBob while the cover artwork was created by Julie Ann (vocalist in Denial).

Alma Cachonda Track Listing:

01. Stand Against
02. By Inferno’s Light
03. Psycholulladie
04. In The Gypsy Raven’s Deep Space
05. Growling the Night Away
06. With Fire and Iron
07. Ever Steel
08. For the Lion and the Fish
09. Warmongers


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