The Skinny: The part Belgian, part Dutch melodic hardcore band, Colors Dead Bleed, is set to release its new five track EP, Breath Of A Ghost, through White Russian Records on April 11th, 2016. The album will be available digitally and on CD.

Colors Dead Bleed, existing of former members of respected bands like Tech-9, Human Demise, The Butcher and Between The Lines, follow their 2014 debut EP Heritage with a release that has their signature melodic modern hardcore sound Colors Dead Bleed is known for, and incorporates influences from bands like Sick Of It All, Comeback Kid and Rise Against.

Asked about the title of the album Breath Of A Ghost, the band explains: “The ‘Breath of a Ghost’ title evolves around the impermanence of life. At some point, everything must come to an end, no exceptions made. We are all touched by death throughout life until it finally reaches every one of us. Therefore, it is not something to fear but a constant reminder to make the most out of everything in the time we are here, with the people and things we love most.”

Breath Of A Ghost Track Listing:

01. Stick With You
02. Breath Of A Ghost
03. Sleepless Nights
04. Dark World
05. Twisted Scheme


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