Yorkshire rockers Bad Pollyanna set their intentions out early for The Broken Toys with the thumping stomp of “Define Me,” a confident, ballsy, anthemic opener and one that immediately introduces you to the star of the show, vocalist Olivia Hyde. Like the rest of the album’s material, Hyde’s vocals ebb and flow to fit the musical direction with which Bad Pollyanna drag you.

Whether it is the synth-heavy pop rock of “Bionic Heart,” the cocky pop-swagger of “Ugly Love” or the edgier, hard rocking opener “Define Me,” Hyde’s vocals are always on point. Primarily a synth-heavy sound, the main problem with The Broken Toys is that there are times when you really just wish the band would crank the guitars up and throw in a few more licks like opener “Define Me.”

Not that what Bad Pollyanna do is a bad thing, because when you listen to the epic, industrial edge to “Blood And Rust,” it’s hard not to fall completely under the spell cast by Hyde and the rest of the band. However, if you haven’t by this point then the band really up the ante on the stunning “Out Of My Mind,” an atmospheric, anthemic track where Hyde’s vocals simply soar.

To compare Bad Pollyanna to bands like Lacuna Coil would be a lazy cop out. Yes there are similarities, but those likenesses are more down to the fact that both bands have vocalists who have a range to match anything their bandmates can throw at them. The Broken Toys is a slick, classy, polished album full of synth rock anthems and pop hooks that won’t leave your head; not to mention a vocalist for which most bands of this ilk would give their right arm.

Track Listing:

01. Define Me
02. Bionic Heart
03. Pull The Trigger
04. Hooks
05. Ugly Love
06. Create Me
07. Blood And Rust
08. Out Of My Mind
09. The Broken Toys
10. I See You

Run Time: 40:07
Release Date: December 1, 2015

Check out the song “Monstrous Child” here.


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