It’s Time Get Weird, the latest album from Long Beach, CA metallers Sun Flower Dead, is a decent mix of crunchy guitars, groovy rhythms and sing-along choruses. After the brief intro, “Inhuman Lung,” the disc gets rolling and is sure to have you tapping your foot and moving to the groove.

This is easily accessible heavy rock that is sure to appeal to the masses; however, with that being said, it lacks an immediacy and intensity that left me wanting more. I was looking for a bit more punch or something to jump out and make me take notice; unfortunately I just did not find it.

It’s Time Get Weird remains a decent album that’s worth a listen, especially if you like your heavy music served up in a more commercial way. And, while I can see myself dropping a few of these tracks on my player, especially lead single “Time To Get Weird” featuring Jonathan Davis, and “I’ll Burn It,” at the end of the day I found the record as a whole to be a tad on the boring side.

Track Listing:

01. Inhuman Lung
02. Dance With Death
03. It’s Time To Get Weird
04. Just A Little Kiss
05. You’re Dead To Me
06. Nothing
07. My Mother Mortis
08. I’ll Burn It
09. The Rain
10. Interlude
11. Through The Blackest Eyes
12. Anthem Of The Seeds
13. Outro

Run Time: 46:33
Release Date: Oct 30, 2015

Check out the song “It’s Time To Get Weird” (feat. Jonathan Davis) here.