Warner Music

By Erin Donnelly


Simple Plan has outdone itself with their 5th full-length album, Taking One for the Team. The Montreal-based band, consisting of all five original members, began recording the new album, following the 2011 release Get Your Heart On and its subsequent two-year tour.

The band has gone above and beyond to incorporate new styles and sounds, including reggae fusion and acoustic guitar, while pumping out some classic rock anthems. There is a predominantly pop-punk feel to songs like “Everything Sucks,” “I Refuse” and, “P.S I Hate You,” which harken back to the band’s roots.  However, in the 5th song of the fourteen-track record, “Singing in the Rain,” there is a fresh new vibe created by the band’s bold move to feature popular R&B artist R.City.

Simple Plan is already seeing success with this record, thanks to the popularity of their first single “I Don’t Want to Go to Bed” featuring Nelly, and depicts growth and expansion as a band. With the consistent flow between the different music styles, this album has the ability to attract a new and diverse audience while continuing to please their established fan base.

Despite forming almost two decades ago now, Simple Plan is still delivering some of the most popular rock songs in modern music. Taking One for the Team has brought forth some of the best songs the band has made. Don’t forget to check it out when it drops February 19th.