Bizzythowed is a name you may be hearing more of in the very near future. Bizzythowed is an urban hard rocker who grew up on a large dose of metal and hip-hop which in turn has influenced him in crafting his own impressive music. Aside from releasing his own tunes, Bizzythowed has worked with musicians such as The Weekend, Fabolous and pop star Nicki Minaj. His new record, due in mid-2016, is called Blank Check, Volume I and is the debut full-length from the Texas-based writer and producer. We recently spoke with Bizzythowed via email to ask him about his influences, his new record, and his many musical ventures.

Ok, let’s just get it out of the way first. Where did the name Bizzythowed come from and does it actually mean anything?
Bizzythowed: Well my nickname is Bizzy… everyone calls me that since high school because I’m always into something or about to go somewhere or working on a project. Thowed is a urban word used to describe something really good… or to describe being really fucked up (drunk, high etc..) So you put those together and you get Bizzythowed and my brand of music.

You were influenced most by metal and hip-hop music growing up. What genre did you like or listen to more?
Bizzythowed: I listened to more rock and metal after my father’s death… The lyrics and music were more therapeutic for me than the messages in rap music at the time. Once I discovered gangster rap and a more darker side of rap started to emerge in the ’90s I loved that sound as well.

If you loved metal and hip-hop growing up then you must have been in love with the Judgement Night soundtrack from the early 1990s. Thoughts?
Bizzythowed: Oh of course, I loved that album… Very influential for me… Biohazard was one of my fav bands and Ice T / Slayer combination was ridiculous and the Run DMC / Livin Colour combo was great!

Your debut full-length album is called Blank Check, Volume I. Tell us a bit about the record and what it sounds like.
Bizzythowed: Well the record was made in studios and hotel rooms and friends’ houses throughout Miami, Houston and Los Angeles. It sounds raw and honest. I wrote all of the songs on the album and I have some cameos from some great artists and friends from Houston and I played all of the guitars and bass on the album. It’s an urban hard rock album at its core and there are metal and punk and hip-hop elements throughout. It’s everything you like and without all the things you hate in a song. The songs are a range of emotions and are short and sweet. Lyrically to the point, raw and honest, I don’t write in riddles or use analogies… I tell it like it is!

Naturally the title Blank Check, Volume I makes you think that a volume II is coming in the near future. Is there some sort of larger concept behind this record?
Bizzythowed: Blank Check was actually the name of the band before i changed it to Bizzythowed. Blank Check is a concept of my years in the music industry paying my dues… the years struggling and being broke but still sticking to what you know and that’s continuing playing the guitar and writing music and the success and ups and downs and the women and the drugs and the studio life and traveling… Checking the minds of the Blank… Yes there will be a volume II. Blank Check is my ghetto punk rock, it’s my hood metal music, it’s my “I don’t give a fuck I’m going to make what I want.” It’s a statement… It’s a middle finger to rules and what society says we are supposed to act or supposed to listen to or dress just because of your color or background… Blank Check is no bridges, no songs longer that 4:20 mins to songs that are to the point melodic musical and an emotional roller coaster.

Check out the song “Nothing You Can Do About It” here.

Interestingly, you have played as a guitarist on late night shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Live with Regis and Kelly. These aren’t places I’d expect a hard rocker, hip’hop dude to wind up. How did these appearances come about?
Bizzythowed: I played on those shows with an artist I was working with at the time. He is a rapper who had a smash hit at the time and the production team I was working with at that time produced that song. We also had a rock band which was an earlier version of what Bizzythowed is. The artist loved hearing us practice at our studio in Miami and he invited us to perform with him on his televised appearances. Those shows were so awesome… we literally had never performed locally before going on Kimmel for the first time. After that show we were getting a million plays a day, it was awesome!

Where do you see your career going in the more distant future? As more of a solo artist, touring musician or a producer lending his insights to other artists?
Bizzythowed: I see myself doing all of those things… in the future… right now I’m focused more on my solo artist career, but I will always produce and work in the studio with artists established and new. I have spent the last decade of my life in that role so now I’m going to be my own artist for a while! I can definitely be someone like Pharrell who works with top artists and also releases his own projects like he did with NERD and his solo work.

You have an awesome story and it sounds like things are going great for you right now. Tell us what Bizzythowed has in store for the near future.
Bizzythowed: Bizzythowed is going to continue to establish itself as a band and brand releasing kick-ass music and vids, doing more shows, and showing people a good time and a way to release their inhibitions.