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Tristin Campbell and Jesse Bellino are Control. Control hails from Oakland, CA and plays heavy metal… really heavy metal…seriously, it’s fucking HEAVY metal! Don’t take our word for it though, hit play or click download on the song “Inheritance” just above and be instantly captivated by the murky, thick wall of sound that your listening device spews forth.

The free “Inheritance” song download is taken from the group’s debut album The Teeth & The Wounds which was recorded with Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studio and mastered by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege. We’re simply in awe of this recording and as you listen through the full album (Bandcamp link is just above, so hit that) you can’t help but feel every single ounce of the proverbial blood, sweat and tears that went into making this release happen. As Control put it themselves, “To attain the standards of execution and presentation that we felt the material deserved, required living out of a box truck in parking lot of our rehearsal studios for a year so that we could focus on crafting and nailing the life out of (or into) the songs.”


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