Melodic hardcore stalwarts Vision Of Disorder have always been one of those bands who have never failed to deliver everything they promise yet have never quite managed to lever themselves out of their underground status and into the mainstream. The thing is, listening to the visercal fury with which they set about their business on their latest offering Razed To The Ground, you kind of want them to remain something of an underground gem rather than turning into another band who end up sounding like nothing more than a watered down shadow of their former selves.

You see, listening to the band batter through opener “Heart Of Darkness,” there is no doubting that you’re in the presence of a group who are very special indeed, and this feeling continues throughout the duration of this immense record. With hints of Pantera, Alice In Chains and Metallica all seeping through the pores of this record, the likes of the grinding “Electric Sky” or the relentless wail of “Cut My Teeth” show different sides to both Vision Of Disorder as a while, but also frontman Tim Williams. From his gargling-with-glass Phil Anselmo style aggressive vocals to the more melodic Layne Stayley style, this is a man who has the range to ensure that every song on this record offers up something fresh to match its mood.

It is the diversity which Vision Of Disorder demonstrate on this record which turns it into one of the best metal albums of 2015. One the one hand you have the thuggish fury of opener “Heart Of Darkness” but on the other you have the haunting, melodic, groaning “Nightcrawler,” both two different metallic beasts but, as Vision Of Disorder have shown, when played by the right band, they can sit comfortably alongside each other to create a flawless record such as Razed To The Ground.

Track Listing:

01. Heart of Darkness
02. Hours In Chaos
03. Electric Sky
04. Razed To The Ground
05. The Craving
06. Red On The Walls
07. Cut My Teeth
08. Nightcrawler
09. Severed Wing
10. Amurdica/A Culture Of Violence

Run Time: 40:43
Release Date: November 27, 2015

Check out the song “Razed To The Ground” here.


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