The Skinny: New Jersey’s Toothgrinder are just three weeks away from the release of Nocturnal Masquerade, their Spinefarm Records debut. The much-anticipated album lands on January 29. To further herald the release, Toothgrinder, christened a “Band to Watch” by Revolver, have shared the fourth and final track “Blue.”

“‘Blue’ was the first song on the record in which we decided to incorporate an alternative tuning,” said vocalist Justin Matthews. “We felt the rhythm and feel of the tune called for a heavier atmosphere. Lyrically, it brings two different points of the album together. It is one of our favorite songs on the record, as well as a fun one to play live.”

Nocturnal Masquerade Track Listing:

01. The House (That Fear Built)
02. Lace & Anchor
03. Coueur d’Alene
04. I Lie in Rain
05. Blue
06. The Hour Angle
07. Dance of Damsels
08. Diamonds for Gold
09. Nocturnal Masquerade
10. Dejection/Despondency
11. Schizophrenic Jubilee
12. Waltz of Madmen


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