It’s been a few years since the name Brandan Schieppati graced the metal and hardcore scene so to see his name plastered all over Enemy brought back a lot of good memories from the days when he fronted Orange County head-smashers Bleeding Through.

I have to admit though that I did have some reservation ahead of pressing play that Enemy would be nothing more than Schieppati revisiting his past and while it does sound like Bleeding Through at their most vicious, there is something about the way the vocalist sets about the task at hand that has you soon forgetting that. Listening to the anger and vitriol with which The Iron Son steamroller through opener “Worth Less”, you find yourself in the presence of a man who has a lot to get off his chest. The fact that Schieppati is joined on this journey by Mick Kenney of Brummie hatemongers Anaal Nathrakh could have something to do with the bile pouring out of this album and could be the added ingredient that takes tracks like “Take No Shit” and the punishing “Blood” to a new left of hate. In fact, listening to Schieppati roaring his way through “Blood” to a soundtrack of blasting molten hot metal, it does appear that the former Bleeding Through frontman has found the perfect partner to accompany him on this project.

Enemy sees Schieppati and Kenney smashing through nine tracks of cathartic, no-holds barred fury. So if you’re looking for something to scream along to until your throat is bleeding, Enemy will provide the perfect musical accompaniment. Welcome back Brandan, you’ve been sorely missed.

Track Listing:

01. Worth Less
02. Colder
03. Unleash Hell
04. This World Is Decay
05. Take No Shit
06. Blood
07. Enemy
08. The Funeral
09. Moral Messiah

Run Time: 27:31
Release Date: 01st December 2015


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