Royal Republic are soon to release their third album Weekend Man, and while it has a lot of energy, it also has a lot wrong with it. At times it’s boring, at other times it’s repetitive, and sometimes it’s both at the same. At other times it’s ignorant, jocular drivel. For an example of this, take a look at Adam Grahn’s lyrics in the single “When I See You Dance With Another.” Here is a grown man, huffing that someone he “can’t get out of his mind” is dancing with someone else, eventually declaring that if “I can’t get ya, no one can.” This kind of possessive, adolescent bullshit may have felt like something to rock to about a decade ago, but today it rings false, more likely to draw scorn than high fives.

And that is the general level of appeal of this band. This record is filled with various moments where Royal Republic is clearly a poor man’s version of The Vines, Billy Talent, Danko Jones, The Hives, Interpol, or Kaiser Chiefs. They are a formulaic attempt at a genre that has long since passed its prime. Even more distressing is that this is obviously a talented band with incredible range: look at the riffs on display, or Grahn’s complete change of vocal delivery from song to song. Instead, the result is formulaic rock that’s trying too hard to be picked up for a movie soundtrack.

Perhaps Royal Republic should heed their own advice offered on “Follow The Sun”: “Don’t you think it’s time you moved on / Your time has come and your time has gone / Stupid is what stupid does / Just like all the rest of us.” Sage wisdom for a band that ought to strike out into other parts. Or better yet, get the formula right.

Track Listing:

01. Here I Come (There You Go)
02. Walk!
03. When I See You Dance With Another
04. People Say That I’m Over The Top
05. Kung Fu Lovin
06. Weekend Man
07. My Way
08. Follow The Sun
09. Uh Huh
10. Any Given Sunday
11. Baby
12. High Times
13. American Dream

Run Time: 39:50
Release Date: February 26, 2016

Check out the song “When I See You Dance With Another” here.


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