What was Kurt Cobain’s favorite movie?

Paris, Texas

And did you know that on the set of Wender’s The American Friend, actors Dennis Hopper and Bruno Ganz did not initially get along, getting into a fistfight on set. After a night of drinking, the two returned to the set with their differences settled.


On the Road: The Films of Wim Wenders opens this Thursday January 28 and runs until March 6. Curated by Brad Deane, Senior Manager, Film Programmes, it features new digital restorations of Wenders’ essential early works—many of which have been difficult to see in North America over the past two decades due to rights issues and poor print conditions—as well as some of his greatest accomplishments from later in his career. One of the pioneers of the New German Cinema in the 1970s, Wim Wenders has established himself as a vital voice in world cinema with an oeuvre that focuses on drifters, searchers, and itinerant loners seeking to find their place in the world.

Wim’s Films: American Friends & Foreign Influences, a side bar to the retrospective curated by James Quandt, Senior Programmer, TIFF Cinematheque, spotlights fifteen of “Wim’s Films”—road movies and noirs, venerated classics and films maudits—gathered both from evidence (Wenders’ own list of favourites) and inference (of his obvious influences and affinities).