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Album Review

Laser – Night Driver – Album Review



By Erin Donnelly


The sweet and subtle sounds from Laser’s new album Night Driver, to be released on January 29th, are spectacular. Band members Lisa Lobsinger (who you may recognize from popular indie band Broken Social Scene), Paul Pfisterer, and Martin Kinack have formed an electronic meets pop style of music that will have you feeling relaxed and tranquil.


‘Disco Night Driver’, the second song on the seven-song album, has a title that does a great job of describing this band’s unique style for modern day pop. It may not be as fast paced as recent electronic music, but that only serves to make this band more distinctive. Lobsinger’s silky voice leaves the listener with a calm and peaceful feeling, while the background music is an upbeat techno sound urging the listener to move around.


For me, ‘Maniacs’ stood out the most on the album. The sound was in sync with the rest of the album, but is a little rougher around the edges. It was a great song to finish with, as it leaves the listener pondering what else Laser might be capable of for future releases.


The only downfall I could hear is that, on occasion, the instrumental aspect of the music overpowers Lobsinger’s vocals.  Although she keeps it all flowing, she definitely gets lost in the electronics, especially on songs’ like ‘Bleed You’.


Overall, her melodious voice and the band’s skilled use of electronic music have brought together a very modern and exciting style of music!


The album Night Driver by Laser will be available to you on January 29th.