Fans of melodic hardcore, your time has come. Ignite’s new album, A War Against You, is an open invitation to show up to their next show and sing along until you’re puking out your stomach. The guitar and rhythm work are driving, frantic, and soar to the rafters. Actually, the rafters can’t possibly exist in this brand of hardcore. This is BIG music that belongs in open air festivals or stadiums. If that’s not your scene, then so be it. But just know that you’re missing out on a lot of fun.

And fun is the adjective I would assign this record. At no point are there any bummers or downers. This album is entirely composed of bangers (again, if melodic hardcore is your scene), and is less interested in pulling any punches than it’s focused on making a point.

What’s the point? Well, fight for what you believe in. Obviously: this is hardcore. But this is also hardcore for people who want soaring emotion. This is for those who are ready to cause trouble and make an impact. It’s for people who still believe in things and want to change things. And this record knows it. Look no further than the lyrics for “Nothing Can Stop Me”: “When you feel you’ve had enough. Look how far that you have come. Just hold on ‘til the end. When times are tough you take the pain. We’ll fight together once again. You’ll never be alone.”

This record proves Ignite still have grit, they still have a political stance and message, and it’s fast, fast, fast. It only slows down to give brief respite before diving right back into its own frantic pace. Otherwise it’s to shine a spotlight on how heavy Ignite are still capable of being, the perfect examples of this found in “Oh No Not Again” and “Rise Up.”

Track Listing:

01. Begin Again
02. Nothing Can Stop Me
03. This Is A War
04. Oh No Not Again
05. Alive
06. You Saved Me
07. Rise Up
08. Where I’m From
09. The Suffering
10. How Is This Progress?
11. You Lie
12. Descend
13. Work

Run Time: 45:02
Release Date: January 8, 2016

Check out the song “This Is A War” here.