Over the course of the last twelve months I’ve heard plenty of bands like Bristol quintet Everyday Sidekicks, who blend together ferocious riffs with hook-filled melodies but offer little in the way of anything different to the rest of them. Granted, if you’re looking for a bit of While She Sleeps-influenced metallic hardcore then The Things I’ve Seen isn’t a bad effort (and they’re certainly getting their name about having landed slots with media favourites like the Marmozets and Shvpes) but, ultimately, is the music enough to push them to the front of people’s minds?

Well, sadly on this occasion, no it’s doesn’t. Yes, The Things I’ve Seen does what it says on the tin (or biog if we’re being picky). The Bristol outfit certainly sling around the riffs like nobody’s business on tracks like “Mirrors” and, in frontman Archie Hatfield, they’ve got a man with an impressive set of pipes to match their crashing melody-tinged metallic anthems but, at this stage in their career, they’re yet to discover that magic ingredient which will make them more than just a familiar name to their local crowd when the big boys come to town.

The Things I’ve Seen is a decent enough start though, but now it’s time for the Bristol outfit to try and make their own mark on the vastly overcrowded post-hardcore/metalcore scene.

Track Listing:

02. Mirrors
03. It’s All Smiles And Laughter
04. Pitch Black
05. Rosa
06. How We Survive

Run Time: 19:40
Release Date: November 20, 2015

Check out the track “Pitch Black” here.


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