The Skinny: Bury Tomorrow have just premiered the album track “301” featuring a guest appearance from labelmate Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed. Stream the song via the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel just below! Earthbound is out this Friday, January 29 via Nuclear Blast..

The chastising punch of “301” sees Hatebree’ds Jamey Jasta lending his iron lungs the shattering event. “More than anything that song is about how our music belongs to our fans first, those first 301 people who run to YouTube who want to check it out and are excited about it. It’s kind of a ‘fuck you’ to all those people who go ‘Bury Tomorrow aren’t proper metal’ or whatever. It’s Jamey fucking Jasta and I know our fans are going to love it.”

Earthbound Track Listing:

01. The Eternal
02. Last Light
03. Earthbound
04. The Burden
05. Cemetery
06. Restless & Cold
07. 301
08. Memories
09. For Us
10. Bloodline

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