When news broke of a bus crash involving Baroness there was both shock and relief. Shock that it had happened but relief that there were no fatalities. At the time the band were touring in support of the outstanding double album Yellow & Green but in the years since the band have understandably been rather inactive. That however is about to change with the release of album number four.

Purple, continuing the colour theme, is also the first album to feature Nick Jost and Sebastian Thomson on bass and drums respectively but none of these setbacks have halted the momentum that Baroness had built up for themselves and that’s a tribute to just how good Purple is. “Morningstar” is a fine way to reintroduce the band to their fans. That is just a starting point though and, although “Chlorine & Wine” is the show piece track each and every song has its own uniqueness and charm.

Yes some fans might be disappointed that the Red Album sound has been almost lost completely but, for me, it’s the sign of a band growing and finding themselves and, if we’re being honest, the results are quite spectacular. There was a very real moment when we might not have gotten another Baroness album, thankfully however we did. The fact that it’s this good is just a welcome bonus.

Track Listing:

01. Morningstar
02. Shock Me
03. Try To Disappear
04. Kerosene
05. Fugue
06. Chlorine & Wine
07. The Iron Bell
08. Desperation Burns
09. If I Have To Wake Up (Would You Stop The Rain?)
10. Crossroads Of Infinity

Running Time: 42:37
Release Date: 18th December 2015

Check out the track “Morningstar” here.