By: Erin Donnelly


One of Toronto’s newest bands to hit the rock and roll and indie music scene, Bad Girls, are releasing their new EP Youth Culture. Band members Andrew Silvestro as the lead vocalist and bass player, P.J. Herrick on drums and Nik Vogel on the guitar are excited for the drop of their first EP since the band formed in 2014.


For a smaller sized group, Silvestro’s gruff and raspy voice draws attention to the band’s powerful raw and indie sound. Whether he’s singing sweet melodies in “Not to Blame”, or pushing through “Body Buzz”, the band’s sound is definitely loud and proud.


Their bio on their facebook page describes the EP as:


“‘Youth Culture’ is a celebration of restlessness, less-than-intelligent decision-making, and carefree youth spirit. Its combination of sandpapery vocals, fuzzy guitars, overloaded amps, and high-energy drums conjure up images of smoked-out basements and feeling happily confused – Showing the more things change, the more they stay same.”  And that’s exactly what it sounds like.


“Not to Blame” would be my go-to song on the album, although to be honest it’s hard to choose! It’s a slow song with deep lyrics and a harmonica added in, a great use of a classic rock and roll instrument. Using styles from decades ago for their rock and roll passion, and love of current modern indie music, they use great methods to tie the two together.


“Try”, “Bad Girls”, and “Wasted Teenagers” are where the “smoked-out basements” imagery shines through. Listening to these songs is reminiscent of being at your favourite bar, or best friend’s big birthday party while singing along to your favourite tunes.


Bad Girls will be performing this Saturday, January 23rd, at Adelaide Hall downtown Toronto to celebrate the EP release, and play Youth Culture for fans.