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Zero Fire – “Zero Fire” [EP Review]

Inspired by the likes of Incubus and Silverchair, Canadian alt-rockers Zero Fire turn out an impressive debut EP and one has certainly done enough to warrant further investigation of the band in coming months.



I keep forgetting how old I am these days but it takes bands like Zero Fire from Canada to remind me of that very fact. Whereas I grew up on Kiss, Slayer and Motley Crue, you see bands like Zero Fire talking of influences and how they grew up on a musical diet of bands like Deftones, Silverchair and Incubus. Unsurprisingly then, Zero Fire’s new self-titled EP, sees the band taking the elements that made those bands so influential in the mid ‘90s and make it into something that, while still displaying a modern feel, most definitely sits comfortably with that very radio-friendly ‘90s alt-rock scene.

Big-sounding songs are the order of the day on this five-tracker – they’re easy on the ear but still edgy enough to have a bit of balls about them. Songs like “It Doesn’t Matter” sounds like a less polished Incubus for want of a better description not that that is ever a bad thing. Raw and gritty the sound might be but, dig through that and you’ll find a bunch of nice, friendly melodies and slick choruses for you to sing along to. It’s something that made Incubus very successful in the 90s and it’s a formula that Zero Fire have used successfully enough in their material to warrant further investigation on any subsequent material that might follow this solid debut.

Track Listing:

01. Out Of Time
02. Hard To See
03. Defend
04. It Doesn’t Matter
05. All We Are Is Evidence

Run Time: 16:26
Release Date: Out Now


Check out the track ‘All We Are Is Evidence’ here.

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