Since forming in 1998 in Newport, Wales, Skindred have consistently delivered an awesome mix of metal, rock, reggae and dancehall, something they’ve continued to do on their latest album Volume. You could even go as far as saying that they truly have a sound that is unmistakably unique to them and them alone.

Album number six keeps all the elements of what fans globally have come to adore. Track one, “Under Attack”, kicks off in spectacular fashion – a high octane sucker-punch to the senses. It is addictive, bouncy and heavy and I find myself doing all I can to restrain myself from tearing my shirt off and conducting the now globally recognised “Newport Helicopter”. Not the best idea during a commute through London! Next up to blast my senses is the title track, “Volume”, and once again all the elements are there for yet another powerful, headbanging masterpiece bursting with reggae-inspired lyrics that frontman Benji Webb seamlessly delivers. As the album progresses it becomes hard to pick any stand out tracks here but this should come as no surprise as Skindred, to the best of my knowledge, have never recorded a duff tune. In fact, even the three interludes are rather enjoyable; chilled-out, short and sweet. Volume closes with “Three Words” – starting off quite relaxed with Benji Webb showing his vocal abilities, gradually getting heavier as the song progresses then returning to a more chilled out vibe.

There isn’t a bad moment anywhere on this album but Volume truly needs the dial tuned all the way to eleven to fully appreciate the excellent guitar riffs, thumping bass and eclectic vocals that have earned Skindred that special place in so many fans hearts.

Track Listing

01. Under Attack
02. Volume
03. Hit The Ground
04. Shut Ya Mouth
05. I
06. The Healing
07. Sound The Siren
08. Saying It Now
09. II
10. Straight Jacket
11. III
12. No Justice
13. Stand Up
14. Three Words

Run Time: 43:04
Release Date: October 30, 2015

Check out the song “Under Attack” here.