By Vanessa Markov

Guys, if you’re looking for a genuinely hilarious Master of None style comedy then you gotta watch the Ryan’s Side pilot. If you don’t laugh out loud at least once, you probably:

  1. suck
  2. have dated Ryan

It’s awkward. It’s relatable. It makes you want to write an unsolicited review telling people they need to see it when you were just about to OD on Chinese food and go to bed.

So I don’t really want to give you a synopsis because fuck it, just watch it – it’s 18 minutes of your life you’d have wasted scrolling through Facebook anyway. But I will say that:

  • Ryan plays himself (i.e. a Toronto musician trying to get laid as frequently yet painlessly as possible)
  • The Johnstones are in it, which means Johnstones MUSIC is in it (yay!)
  • The story is most definitely based on a string of true stories, which is why it’s so goddamn funny

And that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Ryan’s true story (he gave me a well-played response when I asked) but it doesn’t really matter because the scenarios are so sadly typical that we can easily find someone who can say it’s a true story. I’ll admit I was vicariously laughing more at myself and some of my friends while watching than anything. That’s what good comedy is all about right?

Here’s the super not secret link to watch it. Password: facebook.

Regardless, you gotta give the guy credit – this is the third show he’s created and completed in a matter of 5 years, which is more than most filmmakers I know (sorry, most filmmakers I know). It’s also the best one by a Long shot (holy shit I just went there) and I really, really want to see more episodes. If you do too, help the guy out and share the link with your friends because these things don’t just happen, you know.