And The Chaos Has Begun is the third album by Czech death metal/thrash band Nahum, a rip roaring release that is a tried and true death metal onslaught. Nowhere is this clearer than what follows after the sample of a missile streaking towards target on “Raging Chaos,” the album’s standout track. The landing is not included: the music itself is the explosion, the fire and rending metal and violence provided by Thomash Nahum’s accomplished guitar work, Tom Brighter’s excellent drum work, and Pavel Bulcar’s ferocious roar. All of these musicians, together, are in their element when they’re raining down destruction on the listener, a barrage issued from a band that is familiar with the trappings of their genre.

It is this genre awareness that allows the band to know when to change up their approach from time to time, such as in the understated beginning of “Funeral of Age.” Throughout the release are moments of down tempo heaviness, especially present in the middle of “Damned.” But these moments are brief. After all, this is a band that wants to play fast and heavy. And in death metal, that is a good thing!

But they are also a band that is playing in their corner. Nowhere on this album does it feel like there are many risks being taken: instead, it is playing to the crowd, though admittedly they do it well.

The downfalls of the album have nothing to do with the vocal delivery (though I have to admit I found Thomash’s attempts on the opening track frankly underwhelming), but rather with its lyrical content. For a death metal album, I consider it important to either dive into horrific imagery or say something profound about the state of the world. To stand somewhere in the middle is disappointing to say the least.

Overall there are some vicious tunes on this album. It will more than likely have death metal enthusiasts pleased with Nahum’s brand of chaos, should they ever make it across the ocean.

Track Listing:

01. The Clash Of The Fury
02. Creator Of Emptiness
03. Damned
04. Funeral Of Age
05. Raging Chaos
06. Rotten Lies
07. Under Fire
08. Vomit The Darkness
09. www (World Wide War)

Run Time: 32:40
Release Date: November 1, 2015

Check out the album ‘And The Chaos Has Begun’ here.


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