The Paradox Of Metanoia is the newest album from Brighton-based outfit Meta-stasis and, while I have to admit that it has been nice to have my ears battered by some pure death metal recently, it’s equally as nice to treat my head to the kind of brutal sonic assault that The Paradox Of Metanoia dishes out.

The Paradox Of Metanoia starts off slow with little indication from the opening track, “Welcome To The Asylum,” as to the hellish cacophony that these Brighton ragers have concocted for the rest of the album. Oft compared to bands like Slipknot, it’s easy to see why, when your ears take a battering from the likes of “The Thorn” and “United Monarchy” where Meta-stasis’ blend of blasting drums, skittish turntables and guttural vocals takes you back to the days when the Iowa outfit were just starting to build up that initial buzz. Elsewhere, the groove of “Son Of The Priest” is punctured with the kind of whacked-out riffs that really keep you on your toes – a blueprint that the band follow throughout the album to devastating effect.

To label Meta-stasis a death metal band is doing them a real injustice because, as The Paradox Of Metanoia displays, there is so much more going on than just head-stoving brutality. Yes, that is a big element of their sound but, by fleshing out their sound with a whole plethora of different influences from nu-metal grooves, tech-metal time-changes and lashings of turntable insanity, Meta-stasis have created a whole new beast of a sound entirely.

Track Listing:

01. Welcome To My Asylum
02. The Thorn
03. Disintegrate
04. United Monarchy
05. Means To An End
06. Fathomless
07. Son Of a The Priest
08. I am Nothing
09. Under Your Skin
10. Ways Of The Wise
11. Kill Her
12. The Body Suffers While The Soul Flowers

Run Time: 62:30
Release Date: July 31, 2015

Check out the song “Disintegrate” here.


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