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Enter Shikari – “The Mindsweep (Hospitalized)” [Album Review]

Enter Shikari’s hit album ‘The Mindsweep’ gets the makeover treatment. Read our thoughts on it here.



If there is one band out there who you think would do a remix album justice then it is Hertfordshire chaps Enter Shikari. Given the expansive, experimental sounds that filled their stunning 2015 album The Mindsweep, you’d think that a collaboration with leading drum n’ bass label Hospital Records would result in something quite breathtaking. However, listening to The Mindsweep – Hospitalised that sadly isn’t the case.

The main problem with this remix album is that it sucks the life out of everything that made The Mindsweep such a genre-smashing album. It could be something to do with the fact that, at least where rock bands are concerned, remix albums generally suck the big one but, listening to twelve artists from the Hospital Records roster giving their own interpretation to The Mindsweep track listing, there is nothing on here that stands out.

Tracks like “The Anaesthetist” are now devoid of all of that snotty, antagonistic attitude, gone is that “fuck you” sneer to be replaced by bland drum n’ bass remixes. Even a track like “Dear Historian,” a stunning, emotional piece of work, loses all of that when given the remix treatment. Obviously, these are the individual artists own interpretations and shouldn’t be taken too seriously but it’s hard to see who this is going to appeal to other that those involved and hardcore Shikari completists.

The most disappointing thing about this remix album is that, for years, Enter Shikari have been consistently producing groundbreaking music. Album after album they’ll redefine their sound and drop the UK music scene onto it’s X-factor-riddled arse. On that note then, I’m going to treat The Mindsweep – Hospitalised as a minor blip on the landscape and look forward to the band getting back to what they do best.

Track Listing:

01. The Appeal & The Mindsweep I (Metrik Remix)
02. The One True Colour (Keeno Remix)
03. Anaesthetist (Reso Remix)
04. The Last Garrison (S.P.Y Remix)
05. Never Let Go Of The Microscope (Etherwood Remix)
06. Myopia (Bop Remix)
07. Torn Apart (Hugh Hardie Remix)
08. Interlude (The Erised Remix)
09. The Bank Of England (Lynx Remix)
10. There’s A Price On Your Head (Danny Byrd Remix)
11. Dear Future Historians (London Elektricity Remix)
12. The Appeal & The Mindsweep II (Krakota Remix)

Run Time: 56:04
Release Date: October 30, 2015

Check out the track “The Last Garrison (S.P.Y. Remix)” here.

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