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Album Review

Black Temple – “It All Ends” [Album Review]

It All Ends pulls no punches with its honesty, but have you got what it takes to truly appreciate this glorious piece of work?



Having been described as “one of Sweden’s most ferocious live bands” and having Cult Of Luna’s Magnus Linberg at the helm, producing their new album, it’s a safe bet that It All Ends, the new release from Swedish noise trio Black Temple, is going to be a sonically crushing affair. And they don’t disappoint!

Originally due in 2014, It All Ends is more than just a collection of songs. Track like “Difficult Journey” are about as honest as you could get. So, before we’ve even explored the music, on a lyrical level It All Ends is clearly a deeply personal album making it, at times, tough to listen to. As for the music, it’s a relentless barrage from the outset. Matching the deeply personal subject matter, It All Ends marries hard, driving, punky guitars with progressive leanings and compresses the whole thing into a suffocating ball of frustration, anger and honesty. Put it this way, listening to tracks like “Lowpoints” and “Great Things,” deserve nothing but your undivided attention.

It All Ends pulls no punches in its honesty and is clearly more than just an album of ideas cobbled together in a rehearsal room. This is music at its most raw. The question is – have you got the stomach to truly appreciate this glorious piece of work?

Track Listing:

01. Unlikely Event
02. Acid Rain
03. Great Things
04. Difficult Journey
05. Oncoming Fire
06. Lowpoints
07. Sleep With The Stars
08. 100 Years
09. Sleepy River


Run Time: 37:00
Release Date: August 28, 2015

Check out the song “Unlikely Event” here.

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