Discovering that Antimatter formed back in the late ‘90s and The Judas Table is their eighth release leaves me feeling a little late to the party. However listening to the soothing sounds created by protagonist Mick Moss, I’m glad our paths finally crossed.

In delving back into the history of Antimatter while listening to the haunting sounds of the album, the mist begins to clear. Originally formed by former Anathema bassist Duncan Patterson, this goes a long way to explaining the soothing, dramatic epic direction taken by the project. Despite Patterson having flown the Antimatter nest a long time ago, Moss has taken up the mantle to continue the journey started by the two. Taking Antimatter in a more acoustic based direction, the sounds of “Comrades” and “Hole” are simply perfect for a relaxing Sunday morning. Calming and serene, the whole feel of the album is one of tranquility and one that will sooth even the most stressed of souls.

The stunning quality of this album will have me digging into their back catalogue to see what the pair of Moss and Patterson concocted together. However, while Antimatter might have become a solo project for Moss since his partner in crime moved on to pastures new, listening to the emotionally stunning “Goodbye” which closes the album, it’s clear that Moss has more than enough talent to carry this one on his own.

Track Listing:

01. Black Eyed Man
02. Killer
03. Comrades
04. Stillborn Empires
05. Little Piggy
06. Hole
07. Can of Worms
08. Integrity
09. The Judas Table
10. Goodbye

Run Time: 56:58
Release Date: October 9, 2015

Check out the video for ‘Stillborn Empires’ here


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