Live albums are always are bit hit or miss. Often they feel like a stopgap in-between releases and, at times, the effort in making them is not quite the same as a studio recording. Additionally, so much of a live release’s success also depends on whether or not the band are actually any good live to begin with. So how does The Brotherhood of the Blade fair?

Thankfully, Whitechapel have always been a punishing live act, so the thought of a live release is certainly not one to be scoffed at. And rightly so, as The Brotherhood of the Blade sees the band rattle off a set of their greatest hits from every album, it’s clear that in the live arena they are every bit as good as they are on record. This release’s high standard of production obviously helps with this sentiment, but it’s done to the extent where it feels like it is making the guys sound better than they actually are.

The Brotherhood of the Blade is a good live album; it certainly proves that Whitechapel are a fantastic and brutal live band, not to mention the set list is a great mix of songs spanning their entire back catalogue. Where this release stumbles though, is that sometimes you lose the feeling that it is a live performance. Aside from the standard between-song-crowd-cheers, the concert’s overall atmosphere is lost and, for me, that’s an integral part on a solid live release.

Track Listing:

01. Rise
02. Our Endless War
03. Section 8
04. Faces
05. I, Dementia
06. Possession
07. Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation
08. Vicer Exciser
09. Mono
10. Worship The Digital Age
11. The Saw Is The Law
12. Possibilities Of An Impossible Existence
13. This Is Exile

Run Time: 52:50
Release Date: October 30, 2015

Check out the ‘The Brotherhood Of The Blade’ DVD trailer here.