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By. Johna Autencio


It seems like Zac Efron just doesn’t want friends anymore, since his film We Are Your Friends was all kinds of terrible. It was dreadfully portrayed on screen with a poor storyline and poor casting choices. It’s no wonder the film had one of the worst box office openings of all time.

Efron stars as Cole Carter, an aspiring DJ trying to make it big with the help of his three childhood best friends: the nerd, the drug dealer wannabe actor and the douchebag “manager”.  Essentially, as Cole is working on trying to become the next big DJ in electronic music, his three friends are just there to mess around and party at the nightclubs where he spins – how supportive, right?

30 minutes into the 90-minute film and it was already an extreme pain to watch. Everything about it was just another typical “trying to make it big in the music industry” film. There wasn’t anything new brought to the table, except for the fact that this time the music was all electronic, as it’s becoming more popular these days.

Efron becomes attracted to Sophie, played by Emily Ratajkowski (Gone Girl), the girlfriend of a washed out DJ, James, played by Wes Bentley (American Beauty), who takes Efron’s character in as his next protégé. Cole’s attraction to Sophie basically becomes the new story of the film because he starts slacking off at his daytime job, he loses track with his music, and he rarely spends time with his friends.  This brings up one question: how is it even titled “we are your friends”?

What’s funny about this plot line is that Cole’s trying to become this household name in electronic music, but there are only a few scenes where he’s actually DJ-ing at parties. It’s not until the end of the film where the audience will get to hear a full version of his music and actually see him spin for more than 30 seconds; however, there are no friends and no girl by his side. Instead, it’s only James, who actually gets him the gig in the first place even after he’s learned about their affair with his now ex-girlfriend.

Needless to say, this film is definitely not one of Efron’s best. Even with his A-list status in the industry, it didn’t help his film credibility. For teenage girls, this film is just another movie to see Zac Efron show off his muscles or more specifically, just to see Zac Efron.

With only one DVD bonus featuring how Efron learned how to DJ for his part, We Are Your Friends is available in stores now.