This kind of bluesy rock can be a hit n’ miss affair that, at its worst, can just sound dated. However, judging by the four tracks (well, three and a session track) on the debut EP from these Long-Island rockers, Wake The Sun have managed to get the balance of classic and modern rock just right. Kicking off with “Wicked Souls,” while the EP doesn’t so much explode into life, there is confident air about the band as they go about their business.

By the time the EP reaches “Grace And Faith,” however, things kick up a notch or two as the band rock out with a more classic rock feel, taking influence from ’70s hard rock bands. Given a modern twist, Wake The Sun really let loose on this track and you just know their live show is going to be a blast.

On that note though, they show a real classy side when it comes to the final of the three tracks, “Politics”. Showing off a slower, moodier side, the band are simply faultless on this song and, having sat firmly in the category marked “enjoyable” up to this point, they quickly got shifted into the category marked “must pay more attention to this lot in the future” as, on the indication of the last of the three tracks, there is something special bubbling away here.

Track Listing:

01. Wicked Souls
02. Grace And Faith
03. Politics
04. Wicked Souls (Montclair Sessions)

Run Time: 21:58
Release Date: September 3, 2015

Check out the song “Wicked Souls” here.


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