Live albums just seem to be getting better and better especially this year for some reason as it seems like producers have finally figured out how to get excellent sound recordings out of these live performances.

Woodstock Sessions Vol. 4 is a groundbreaking live performance by supergroup Team Sleep. It isn’t often you get this many good artists who can put on such a flawless and pitch perfect performance like these guys. Every musician is creatively solid within their own instrument and all the elements add up to a genius execution. Featuring the easily recognisable vocals of Deftones frontman Chino Moreno, it seems like sometimes Team Sleep tends to fall into their style a bit more than one would appreciate. Being Chino Moreno’s main side project, that Deftones influence is always going to be there however this is a different band and with a different project there should be a different sound. Even a slight change in vocal style or choice of chord progressions would have kept the vibe of the band further away from Deftones. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as we all know the Deftones are great but sometimes less is more especially when it comes to side projects.

Being one of the strongest live albums this year there isn’t much room for error when listening through this one. Live album lovers will dig this one for sure and this is also a great album for new fans of the band as well. Really solid musicians making really solid music and performing it flawlessly live. What more could you want?

Track listing:

01. Your Skull is Red
02. Formant
03. (Ever) Foreign Flag
04. No
05. O.P.
06. Princeton Review
07. Blvd. Nights
08. Death by Plane
09. Live From the Stage

Running Time: 38:13
Release Date: July 10, 2015

Check out the song “Blvd. Nights” here.