My heart sank when the opening blast of “Ascension,” the intro on the new EP from London symphonic-deathcore newcomers, She Must Burn, groaned into life. A predictably chuggy symphonic intro, but one that bleeds into something which, while not particularly unique, is certainly an impressive display of symphonic hellishness.

Inspiration-wise, you can pick bits from any of the following bands: The Black Dahlia Murder, Cradle Of Filth, Motionless In White, Bleeding Through and Lacuna Coil and find them weaved into the brutal sound created by this London outfit. With the dramatic air of the symphonic black metal scene coupled with the brutality and sickening heaviness of the deathcore scene, tracks like “The Misery” are superbly-executed. The gorgeous vocals of keyboard player Aimy Miller work magnificently alongside the harsh, high-pitched screams of Joseph Sinclair Lewis; again, not a particularly new trick, but one that the Londoners pass off with consummate ease.

Admittedly nothing new, She Must Burn gets the thumbs up by being such a classy example of this genre. There is no smell of cheese or air of pompousness surrounding this EP, just great, dramatic, brutal music. Highly recommended stuff.

She Must Burn [EP] Track Listing:

01. Ascension
02. Possessed
03. The Misery
04. Into Light
05. Wish To Exist
06. Eclipse

Run Time: 21:00
Release Date: September 25, 2015

Check out the song “Possessed”


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