An instrumental album this massive from the rhythm section of iconic prog rock band Goblin is just what you would expect from such talented musicians. This album literally could have come out in 1979 and no one would be able to tell the difference. Goblin Rebirth’s self titled album is a true to heart prog rock album and nothing short of amazing.

The songwriting here still does not fail. Even after all the years of writing scores for movies, as well as their own albums, they still continue to impress. With plenty of technical ability on show, drummer Agostino Marangolo in particular shines on this one and also shows that at age 62 he’s still in shape both physically and mentally to be able to play these odd time signatures as songs such as ‘Mysterium’ and ‘Back in 74’ show what this guy is truly capable of. Taken as a whole though, Goblin Rebirth is a unique entity because of it’s lack of vocals. There’s something really special about a band that can communicate a state of mind purely with notes and rhythms. There’s an emotional roller coaster going on the whole time and it’s seriously a rush to listen to this record. ‘Forest’ is a very smooth jazz, almost mournful feeling piece, whereas ‘Rebirth’ is a very epic and euphoric closing to the album.

A record like this is something that needs to be appreciated. Not many bands can come back like this in the progressive genre without sacrificing something but Goblin Rebirth has managed to stay true to everything they were since their conception.

Track Listing:

01. Requiem for X
02. Back in 74
03. Book of Skulls
04. Mysterium
05. Evil in the Machine
06. Forest
07. Dark Bolero
08. Rebirth

Running Time: 44:20
Release Date: 29th June 2015

Check out the song “Requiem for X” here!