Got Your Six is the latest release from heavy metal heavyweights Five Finger Death Punch and, from the moment you hit play on this record one things rings true, these guys have locked down the formula for creating hook-heavy, punch-driven arena rock.

Their previous releases have landed on Billboard and torn up the charts, and there is every indication that this one will as well. People love these guys, they just totally eat them up! For me, they have always been a good metal band and something I turn on if I need to pump some iron or run a few miles. I say good (not best) because I feel that a lot of their stuff, with a signature mix of chugging guitars, tons of aggression, and excessive use of Fuck bombs, does tend to sound quite similar.

Yes, vocalist Ivan Moody switches effortlessly between spoken word antagonist and face-melting growls, commanding your attention and getting his point across, while the rest of the band plug away in the typical FFDP down-tuned fashion. And of course, there are tons of slick guitar leads woven into the fabric of each tune that really give them an extra punch. No one is denying that.

They are the best at what they do though and I am not opposed to this type of music, it is just too formulaic for me and not something I can listen to on a regular basis. That said, there is no doubt though that they will sell a shitload of Got Your Six records and pack arenas on subsequent tours.

Track Listing:

01. Got Your Six
02. Jekyll And Hyde
03. Wash It All Away
04. Ain’t My Last Dance
05. My Nemesis
06. No Sudden Movement
07. Question Everything
08. Hell To Pay
09. Digging My Own Grave
10. Meet My Maker
11. Boots and Blood

Run Time: 38:23
Release Date: September 4, 2015

Check out the song “Wash It All Away” here.