One earful of the ferocious-sounding “Sharp Tongue”, the opening track on Behind The Devil’s Back, and it’s tough to imagine how Fightstar could have hammered their return home any harder. Yes it’s been six long years since we last heard from Charlie Simpson and his mates but all that is forgotten as Behind The Devil’s Back crashes into life.

Despite rumours filling the pop press of Simpson’s imminent return to his former pop employees, the Fightstar frontman puts in a steller performance on Behind The Devil’s Back. From throat-ripping screams to more soulful vocals, Simpson’s voice is flawless as he comfortably blends into the post-hardcore/grunge cocktail his bandmates are whipping up.

Whether it is the gritty title track or the soaring melodies of “Overdrive”, Behind The Devil’s Back is a massive-sounding collection of songs. At times reminiscent of bands like the Deftones, in as much as they both share an ability to blend soothing passages with blasts of jagged, in your face alt-metal, Fightstar really have delivered an album that couldn’t be closer to post-hardcore perfection if it tried.

For those who still hang on to blinkered ideas about Simpson then get a quick blast of “Animals” where Simpson delivers a sublime performance combining abrasive outbursts with soaring, massive melodies. Really, even after multiple listens to Behind The Devil’s Back, it’s hard to find much on this slice of gritty post-hardcore to fault Fightstar on.

Track Listing:

01. Sharp Tongue
02. Murder All Over
03. Behind The Devil’s Back
04. The Blackest Of Birds
05. Overdrive
06. More Human Than Human
07. Animal
08. Titan
09. Sink With The Snakes
10. Dive

Run Time: 36:29
Release Date: October 16, 2015

Check out the song “Overdrive” here.


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