Canadian ragers Display Of Decay have been peddling their brutal wares around the death metal scene for eight years now so, having listened to their new album Dust Of Existence, it disappointed me that, having so much experience under their collective bulletbelts, I came away feeling a little empty.

With material clearly inspired by that classic era in the death metal story where bands like Deicide, Immolation and the like were churning out genre-defining classics, Dust Of Existence most certainly tries to replicate that feel and, yes, for the most part, the Canadians knock out those guttural vocals and those buzzing riffs but, in doing so, rather than sound like something exciting and brutal, it just feels like you’re listening to a death metal tribute band.

There is nothing about tracks like “Messiah Complex” and “Cellar Goreatory” that really help the Canadian outfit standout. Yes, the relentless delivery from the band is spot on and, like I said, they’ve absolutely nailed that classic American death metal sound that a lot of people grew up on but, while they’re spewing out tracks like “Created To Kill,” they’re not doing anything that really makes you sit up and want to pay attention.

In fact, as Dust Of Existence bludgeons through each track, the whole experience becomes more of an endurance test which is a pity because, had the Canadians been peddling this kind of brutal noise twenty or so years ago, you kind of feel it would have made more of an impact than it does now.

Track Listing:

01. Created To Kill
02. Relentless Reprisal
03. Messiah Complex
04. Maruta
05. Cellar Goreatory
06. High Voltage Castration
07. Nyctophilia
08. Dust Of Existence

Run Time: 34:47
Release Date: September 22, 2015

Check out the song “Created to Kill” here.


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