Made up of members of UK metal scene bands like TRC and Heights, there are moments on Liberated Sounds when metallic bruisers Counting Days remind me of UKHC favourites Stampin’ Ground in so much as their sounds both share a love of brutal riffings, throaty vocals, and mammoth moshy grooves. At their peak Stampin’ Ground delivered an unrelenting metallic assault and, as the brutal “Burned By Faith” smashes this album into life, in 2015 it seems like Counting Days are picking up the baton with this uncompromising listen.

Benefitting from a Fredrik Nordstrom production job, Liberated Sounds is an album full of beef. It’s a pumped-to-fuck-on-steroids slab of metal. Songs like “Days Go By” rattle by in a bludgeoning blur of metal riffs and drums that batter your ribs. A stunningly angry record from the outset, even when the band break things up with the instrumental track “The Vines” they still do it with a sinister air surrounding them.

However, at their best, tracks like “Sands Of Time” see Counting Days delivering a brutal sonic assault for the duration but, unlike similarly unrelenting albums, Liberated Sounds leaves you feeling like you could go another hour in the pit rather than feeling like you’ve just gone five rounds in an MMA scrap.

Counting Days take the best bits of their individual parts and meld them together to create a brutal album. However, when the band take the material and give it a sinister almost psychotic twist, the end result is truly menacing.

Track Listing:

01. Burned By Faith
02. Die Alone
03. Beaten & Scarred
04. Life & Death
05. Liberated Sounds
06. Fire From The Sky
07. Days Go By
08. The Vines
09. Sands Of Time
10. Prison Of Misery
11. Cold Truth
12. Reunion

Run Time: 47:06
Release Date: October 16, 2015

Check out the song “Die Alone” here.


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