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Bad Solution – “Self Destruct” [EP] [Album Review]

They’ve been described as the UK’s answer to Disturbed. Read our thoughts on the new EP from UK metallers Bad Solution here.



These boys have been hailed by some as the UK’s answer to Disturbed, which is one hell of a compliment. Having formed in 2011 in Kingston, Bad Solution started up with Polish members, guitarists Trix and Mariusz Chojnowski, but were soon joined by British vocalist Alex Willox and then, in December 2013, by fellow Brit, drummer Joe Patterson. Completing the line up was Wojtek Suberlak on bass. Bad Solution deliver a sound you would hear from modern metal titans such as Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach and, of course, Disturbed.

“Self Destruct” is the opening track and starts off with a hauntingly orchestral sound from a piano kicking in with a thumping drum beat and really rather emotional lyrics from Willox, all very slow at this point, but this tempo is not to last. Epic fast-passed riffs and thundering drums take the reins setting the tone and energy for what is to follow. Track two, entitled “Nothing”, in no way lets the quality of what was heard in track one slip with Willox showing his range as a vocalist.

“Dear Sarah” is up next and, once again, this great song is bass heavy and rifftastic, much like what has come before it as these guys have clearly found their sound with their passion for playing shining through. The last track, “Desert”, is a little more experimental and includes what sounds like the traditional Indian instrument, a sitar. Who knew that this would compliant the band’s sound so well? Although it’s clear, Bad Solution have found their sound, it was a delightful surprise to learn that they are willing to push the boundaries and try new things.

In conclusion, I loved this! It has left me thirsty for more and a real desire to see these boys live in a small, intimate venue before they explode into the big leagues.

Self Destruct Track Listing:

01. Self Destruct
02. Nothing
03. Dear Sarah
04. Desert

Run Time: 18:03
Release Date: July 4, 2015

Check out the track “Self Destruct”