Spike TV

by Natalie Paterson


For all you Egypt history buffs out there, this one is definitely for you! From David Von Ancken, director of Californication and executive producer and director on Salem, comes the highly successful Spike TV mini-series “Tut”, on DVD and Blu-Ray now!

Tut stars Avan Jogia as King Tut, and Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley as Vizier Ay, Tut’s advisor. It is a 3-part series, each part encompassing about 90 minutes. It may seem quite lengthy, but for history buffs or fans of these actors, it is absolutely worth it. The series maintains a lot of historical accuracy in terms of events. Of course, there are also some extra dramatic scenes, but the majority of us by now know how the story of King Tut ends.

The imagery in the series alone is breathtaking enough to draw you in and hold you as a viewer. The costumes and make-up is akin to what would have been worn during that time period, with some obvious exceptions. The acting is incredible as well. The actors and actresses did such an incredible job fitting the roles, making the series so much more enjoyable.

If you get the chance to pick this up, it’s available now on Blu Ray and DVD. Even if you’re not a history buff, give it a try just for the story. I promise, it’s worth the time relaxing on your couch. Just get a good bowl of popcorn first; it’s going to be a ride.