Seaway are blisteringly good. Their sound is brimming with pop punk treats that evolve over time, leaving a lasting impact. But, with all the punky overtones, there is a dark undertone, a macabre, often hopeless undercurrent. And the band aren’t frightened of experimenting with sadness. Their new album Colour Blind conveys sadness at all levels.

Pessimism does ring true on Colour Blind. Negativity bubbles and is spearheaded by these musicians, but that doesn’t impair the record. It’s a fantastic opus that will fabricate the heads of the pop punk faithful. And by playing their hearts out, the band are just showcasing that they’re the pop punk realists that describe life and its upheavals.

Colour Blind contains the guitar workmanship that we expect from a major pop punk band. It’s flamboyant, it’s courageous, it marries well with the instantly infectious vocal work. And it’s not sugar-coated or overly hyperbolic. There’s freshness and ambition, character and solace.

The record begins with a slow build up with “Slam”. It’s short but punchy and the guitar riff instantly becomes appealing. You could play this song at a party and feel it brush against you. “Freak” opens with a bashful guitar sequence that is pure pop punk gold. The overlays are beautifully constructed and the lyrics are pessimistic but poetic. “Stubborn Love” is a slower contribution, but still holds a great back beat. The lyrics are showered in rotten lust and the protagonist walks disenchanted through a blustery wind, cold and needy.

Seaway are a courageous band. Their pop punk influence is admirable and they’re destined for big things.

Track Listing:

01. Slam
02. Best Mistake
03. Trick
04. Freak
05. Still Weird
06. Stubborn Love
07. Big Deal
08. Airhead
09. Growing Stale
10. Day She Left
11. Turn Me Away
12. Goon

Run Time: 35:89
Release Date: October 23, 2015

Check out the song “Best Mistake” here.