For any reader of this site under the age of say thirty, Californian rockers OPM are one of those bands who made their name fifteen years ago with one hit single, “Heaven is a Halfpipe,” but, other than that particularly catchy number, haven’t done anything of real note. The Minge Dynasty is their returning EP and, judging by the four tracks offered up by the group, they’ve not really changed.

That being said, with little changing in the OPM camp, you get the feeling that reinventing the wheel isn’t their goal. Sure, “Heaven is s Halfpipe” was a freak hit which turned the band into a household name for a few years but, listening to tracks like “Millionaire Like Me,” their lazy poppy/hip-hop sound and humorous lyrics show a band who are just enjoying every moment of being a band.

As The Minge Dynasty demonstrates, they just happen to be a group who write slick, laid-back pop rock that, if they so wished, could probably re-hash their hit single and enjoy the high life again. For now though, these Cali-rockers are back, they’re enjoying life as much as they did fifteen years ago and, if their new EP is any indication, have no intention of changing that.

Track Listing:

01. Millionaire Like Me
02. Why You (So Crazy)
03. Speakers
04. Just Lust

Run Time: 14:30
Release Date: September 3, 2015

Check out the song “Millionaire Like Me” here.


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