By: Kat Harlton

Fontana North / Universal Music Canada

Many of you will recognize successful television actress Jill Hennessy from her roles on Law & Order, Crossing Jordan and The Good Wife.  More recently she joined the cast of Madam Secretary for a recurring role.  However, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that Hennessy is also a talented singer/songwriter.

Her latest release is her second self-produced album entitled I Do (October 2, 2015)  which is a collection of intimate, personal stories of the Edmonton native’s life. Featuring eleven full length tracks, I Do is her first album since 2009’s Ghost In My Head, and features an introspective folk/rock country sound that works to embody the message that love will always prevail.

Written between 2011-2012 and produced/recorded in Austin, TX, Hennessy’s love for her music is evident throughout the album. This is clearly an artist who is dedicated to her craft and has a passion for sharing her story and connecting with her audience. Chronologically picking up from where her first album left off, we find the protagonist now in adulthood with all the challenges, thoughts and feelings that entails.

One of my favorite tracks is ‘Edmonton’, inspired by ‘the sacrifices made by every immigrant leaving their homeland to find a better life and future for their family.’ The track is thoughtful, soft and reflective, taking you on a journey of discovery.  This is an album full of pain, beauty and sacrifice, and demands more than one listen.

I encourage you to discover Hennessy’s album for yourself.  It can be found on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, etc.