It was with a sense of optimism that I walked up the stairs of Bodega to see Danko Jones perform. The upstairs of Bodega is a small, dark and gritty venue, which fit everything I was hoping for from this gig. For the size of the venue, the amount of cheering when Danko Jones took to the stage was an indicator that the people there weren’t just passers by but true fans of the band. Not long into the set frontman Danko Jones proclaimed, “this is the first time we’ve played in your fine town, this show is to make up for that!” and the crowd were quite clearly seizing this long-awaited opportunity.

Opening with some serious back-catalogue; “The Rules”, “Play The Blues” and “Sugar Chocolate”, you would be forgiven for thinking they weren’t touring for their new album Fire Music. In fact, the set was comprehensive of all their albums throwing in new material occasionally including “The Twisting Knife”, “Do You Wanna Rock”, and “Watch You Slide”.

The whole gig was refreshingly intimate and relaxed, with Danko frequently chatting between songs and even saying “I’m focusing on the people whose faces are turned and are judging us.” Not only does the band have a sense of humour but they even recognised two people who were at their show the night before in Wolverhampton and if you are anything like me, that is a huge compliment. Furthermore, due to it being a surprisingly well lit gig, it was possible for eye contact to be made between the band and the fans, making the night even more memorable for everyone involved.

Check out the song “Do You Wanna Rock” here.