Bring Me The Horizon’s That’s The Spirit is a huge departure from previous albums and, an evolution of the sound they began introducing on their 2013 release, Sempiternal. Oli Sykes introduces much cleaner vocals while guitarist Lee Malia, keyboardist Jordan Fish, drummer Matthew Nicholls, and bassist Matt Kean bring more upbeat instrumentals, stepping away from the aggressive metalcore they’d come to be associated with.

Not many (if any) bands can completely step out of one genre and into another without losing credibility, not to mention their fan base, but Bring Me The Horizon has proven they’re not most bands. Bring Me The Horizon has gracefully shifted from being a “metal” band to that of a “rock” band, appealing to a more mainstream audience.

That said, That’s The Spirit still offers a little something for fans who have been there since the beginning, with each song still possessing some of the heavier instrumentals and rougher vocals as featured on Sempiternal. Let’s face it though, a lot of Bring Me The Horizon’s fans are girls who think Oli is a total babe (that’s why I bought Count Your Blessings) and, with this new softer side of Bring Me The Horizon, your mom can love them too!

That’s The Spirit showcases Bring Me The Horizon’s versatility as they’ve quickly gone from being a well-known metal band to a popular british rock band (can we talk about why British people sound American when they sing?!). BMTH even got to skip over that awkward middle phase where they try to find their sound over the course of a few releases… their switch was as tight and fluid as That’s The Spirit itself.

Track Listing:

01. Doomed
02. Happy Song
03. Throne
04. True Friends
05. Follow You
06. What You Need
07. Avalanche
08. Run
09. Drown
10. Blasphemy
11. Oh No

Run Time: 44:59
Release Date: September 11, 2015

Check out the song “Happy Song” here.