Abigail Williams burst onto the scene almost a decade ago and initially demonstrated the kind of potential that suggested they could be something great. Now, after a couple of sub-par albums, the band have returned from a three year hiatus with The Acuuser, a release that might be their final chance to capitalise on the aforementioned early promise.

The early signs are good as “Path Of Broken Glass” displays that potential shown so frequently on their early work. Unfortunately that is rarely built upon throughout the rest of the album, in fact, for the most part, The Acuuser is just more of the same. When they do branch out and take a few risks, however, most notably on the eerie closing track “Nuummite”, it works and works really well. Alas, it doesn’t happen enough and becomes the exception rather than the norm.

The Acuuser is the band’s most consistent album to date but, as a comeback effort, it’s lacking that real punch to make the impact needed. If this was their debut we would most likely be saying it shows potential for great things to come, but that is no longer good enough for Abigail Williams and, with this release, one wonders if their time has passed them by.

Track Listing:

01. Path Of Broken Glass
02. The Cold Lines
03. Of The Outer Darkness
04. Will, Wish And Desire
05. Godhead
06. Forever Kingdom Of Dirt
07. Lost Communion
08. Nuummite

Run Time: 41:37
Release Date: October 30, 2015

Check out the song “Nuummite” here.